Monday 13 December 2010

Don't waste time!

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Startups don't waste time. They typically have one head(CEO) that decides quickly and on the spot. She is not concearned about being right on every decision, making a decission with the given information is more important.

Being a startup  has nothing to do with the size of the company. Twitter is considered a startup, because they are fast. Microsoft is considered to be  corporate, because they are slow. Need more examples? Look at Facebook, they are big and fast.

Interestingly, every single startup or small company that started to implement management models from the big companies changed sigificantly. To the worse.  It doesn't matter if they are implementing ISO standard, project management  or some other methodology that relies on form more than on substance.

The don't waste time rule applies to investors, managers or engineers as well. Good investor will tell you immediatelly what they like or not, good CEOs will be open, clear and decisive, good engineers will solve problems and not explain a list of tasks they did every day.

I think that's one of the reasons why Americans are so much better in startups than Europeans. They don't care about the form and typically, they don't waste time. In the same way, whenever Americans turn to form, they suck at it! Just look at their bureaucratic procedures.

However you put it, it's very clear to me what is a DNA of a successful startup: nobody wastes each other's time. When you see a startup that relies more on form than on substance, or have long endless meetings, or when their leaderships doesn't lead but wants to discuss everything, you know that this is only a small company wanting to be a corporation. It's not a startup anymore!

So for the sake of fun and prosperity: don't waste time!
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