Thursday 20 May 2010

Startup Events

I believe that startup events are a great way to achieve publicity, meet investors, press and get feedback. Startup events are one of the few events across industries that actually make a lot of sense. They are often  free or inexpensive and packed with:
- entrepreneurs
- investors
- bloggers

In other words, that's your community. And entrepreneur should be there pitching his pants off. That's the best audience, you'll get the visibility, practice, feedback and a lot of contacts.

Quite a few flashy events charge significantly to startup to pitch on their events or have a presentation. I think that there are more than enough events where you don't have to do it and still get all the goodies out of it (eg. NY Meetup, Seedcamp and similar). If you're prefunded, use your money wisely, don't spend it on an empty promise.

Mostly you won't have a stage to pitch your business, but that shouldn't stop you. You should still pitch your business to everyone who's willing to listen. Again, on startup events is where your community meets and you should be become an active part of it.

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