Friday 4 June 2010

Virtual Real Estate

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One of the most popular models on the internet is advertising. Effectively companies managed to figure out a way how to create real estate. Virtually all big services have that kind of model. Look at for example. Their main business is to have: a) as many readers as possible and b) as many pages as possible on which they can run adds on. That's it. They virtually create new real estate that catches views.

Analogy of the real world is building new building and putting a bilboard on it's side. Marketers quite often figure out how much that bilboard is worth. They look at the numbers of people that passess by each hour, location, correlation with other bilboard .... And it's exactly the same on the internet. We look at the number of unique users, page views and other.

As with classical marketing it's the numbers game. Since it's not worthwhile for you to put up a marketing sign in your living room, it's not worth to base a modestly visited side on ads. Unless you can build a really big site with a valuable real estate.
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