Friday 7 May 2010

Free your innovative self

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How do you decide who you need to hire? Sales guy, CEO, programmers?

Innovation gives startups the edge to compete and to find niches that could become mainstream markets. And that's where entrepreneurs excel. Innovation comes from being free to think broadly and for  that you have to have fun. However often entrepreneurs get suffocated on daily operations, talking to investors, partners, doing the paperwork. Some of it is fun and some of it is plain burden. Something a term procrastination was invented for.

So when you deciding who you need to hire or delegate, think what are things that you really hate on your task list...reporting, designing, coding, talking to clients? I would urge you not to delegate things you really like to do, unless you're really running out of time. There is a good chance you're best in things you really like.

Soon you'll come up with a list of things that you need to delegate sooner or later. If a list is too long and you cannot afford all these people, take it slowly, one at the time. but sooner or later you'll have to come up with a way how to free yourself from things that boggle your mind everyday and limit your ability to innovate.
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Anonymous said...

Agree with exception of talking to clients/users. I think it is still not appreciated enough how important that is to be able to solve their problems.