Friday 21 May 2010

How to pitch your business at a cocktail party

After you introduced yourself and learn what the person you're talking to is doing, here is the scenario of an effective pitch:

1. Pitch line - one sentence that encompass what you do. If you can't come up with anything better, use well know analogies like: "We have a Facebook like service that meets, but with a twist X". The key test is that the line should be as simple and rememberable that the person can pitch it further if she likes your product.

2. Demo - use a smart phone and develop a 30-45s video that clearly demonstrates what your doing. Don't do a live demo, you don't have time for that. Have a clear video (that can be seen on a small screen). You'll easily get your listener to watch a short video that you play on your cell phone. Don't add voice, because you're the star of the show. Talk through the video and use it only as tool to deliver the message. Practice a bit and you'll know it word by word in no time.

3. Stop! Stow away the phone, talk to your listener. If they have additional questions, great, if not ask them for their business cards and offer yours, preferably the one with a big logo and clearly spelled URL.  Invite them to try it on.  Thank them and move on.

4. (on the next day). Follow up with a nice email, short description and links to your service.

That's it.


Unknown said...

Odlično! Hvala za odlično idejo! LP, Grozni

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