Monday 25 October 2010

Introducing DeckReport

It's been 6 months since I've started to work on a small new project called DeckReport. The idea is to create a solution that addresses a bunch of small but important challenges that burden most of startups, founders and investors alike - board management.

Board of directors are quite instrumental in strategic management of a startup. However the advantage comes at a price - time. Running a board is expensive and hard. Presentations, action items management, coordinating investors, sharing information and preparing analysis can easily take 2-3 days a month from the CEO and management.

That's where DeckReport comes in! It's a solution where you're able to post your board decks, share information and coordinate investors. if you're an investor, you'll be able to interact with all your investments from one account. So no more endless email exchanges and hunting down for the last versions of the deck. Everything in one place. Nice and tidy!

Check it out at and follow us on Twitter at @deckreport. We'll launch in private beta in November and go live in January 2011. Sign up for the beta account. 

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