Tuesday 7 September 2010

How to figure out which investors are in your space

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I've written a few things about selecting the right investor, but recently somebody asked me how to find the investors.

Well, here a couple of strategies:
- find 20,50, 100 of companies that are roughly in the same space as you are, check who are their investors are and make the list of the ones that invested in a couple of them
- check lists: thefunded.com, venturehacks.com, Ycombinator, Seedcamp, TechStars and others, get a big list and do some smart matching with the companies
- find top 20, 30 bloggers in your space and check their blogroll, any interesting names there? Not? Read their blogs, bloggers like to stroke each other's back, particularly if they are investors as well

It's a tedious process, however necessary if you want to play the game. Do your homework and select a list of top 50-100 investors that you might have a chance with. Use any kind of database, spreadsheet, even whiteboard if you want. Involve your cofoudners. You'll feel like generals planning the invasion of Normandy! It'll take you a week, but suddenly you'll realize that the investing space is not an unknown void anymore. Names will become familiar. And you'll feel much more confident.
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