Wednesday 29 September 2010

If in Rome, do what Romans do!

I was on a panel yesterday, where there were quite a few founder wannabes. An interesting question was asked: "Where can we get the information an knowledge about having a startup?"

Effectively there are two things one should do:
1. start reading blogs about startups
2. move to the Valley

The first one is obvious, I guess I don't have to expand it further.

The second one needs a bit more explanation. If you're a model, you want to be in Milan or Paris. If you're a car designer, you want to be in Germany, Italy or Japan. If you're Egyptologist, you want to be in Egipt.

Got the idea?
I'm not advocating that you should move permanently. On a contrary, I respect European lifestyle too much.  But a few months gig in the Valley for any internet startup is a must and very eye opening.

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