Tuesday 19 October 2010

Board meeting introduction

Meetings are often held in conference roomsImage via Wikipedia
Each board meeting should start with three basic slides. They are the slides for a brief and quick introduction and they send a tone for the meeting and provide a framework for discussion while setting expectations:

- highlights: this is an overview of a top news from the past month or period, list the good and bad news, don't hide it. If you want to list it in two columns, color it differently, you can do whatever you want. But pick top 3 - 4 of each and list them on one single slide
- plans and challenges: list the plans and challenges that you expect in the next month. Nothing fancy, just a list of top 3 - 4 things that you expect to happen.
- KPI overview - dashboard: it's a kind of dashboard overview of key performance indicators. You should briefly walk through each of them since this is the stuff you agreed with your investors that you'll measure and track. It's one of the most important slides for you since it shows your performance against your past achievements.

Don't spend half of the board meeting on these, however a solid 5 -10 mins will make the whole difference at the meeting.
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